​​​​Learning to play 

an instrument has many proven benefits. Music both assists in children's development and enriches their lives. A universal language, music is a skill to take pride in which engages both emotions and intellect.




​​Nada is motivated by a love of music and the bridges/connection that music builds.

At Home Lessons
Semi-annual Student Recitals:  Recitals are rewarded with a community service certificate.
Cello Ensembles:  Work with classmates to prepare a cello duet or trio. Learn to play and listen. Coaching dates and times available.
Living Room Concerts: Invite family and friends over for a concert in your living room. Accompanied by your teacher,  a home concert is an excellent performance goal for cello students.
SKYPE sessions to make up missed lessons
Preparation for NYSSMA, WCSMA and GWYOA auditions

Upcoming Performances:  

​​The Turnstyle...59th Street Station





Nada Radulovich

Student Concerts:

GWYOA Winter Concert:     
Student Recital :   Dec. 17, 2PM         2017 
GWYOA Spring Gala:     
Student Recital:   June 10, 2PM         2018   

"A fine ear opener throughout" - midwestrecord.com

"Vibrant, ... engaging" - infodad.com

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Navona Records

A graduate of Smith College, Manhattan School of Music, and the Peabody Institute, I have been teaching children to play cello for over twenty years, utilizing the Suzuki method and traditional approaches. My goal is to give students a solid technical foundation and to help them establish a connection with the music they play.  

In addition to teaching I have an active concert schedule, presenting solo and chamber works at libraries, museums, senior centers, social events, and charitable benefits. Performing enhances my teaching, as it re-vitalizes the principles I teach.