Found below are beautiful and inspiring Level One pieces for students to consider:

nyssma: Listen/Learn

NYSSMA ( evaluations/auditions take place in the spring.The audition includes a piece chosen with a teachers guidance, plus scales and sight-reading . There are 6 levels of progressive difficulty. 

NYSSMA scores of 8th, 9th, and 10th graders determine participation in All County Orchestra.

NYSSMA scores of 10th and 11th graders (level 6) determine participation in All State Orchestra.

Elementary Students have a separate All County Elementary audition and also are welcome to play a NYSSMA audition.

from "Time Pieces for Cello", Volume I,  Black & Harris


'Ayre, What is it All?', T.Campion                'Allemande', J. Schein                                  'Song 22', Gibbons

from "Violoncello Music for Beginners", E. Lengyel and A. Pejtsik

'German Dance', unknown                          'Rigaudon', L.C. Daquin                               'Moderato', P. Jardanyi


from"Hungarian Children's Songs", H. Stevens                                   

( NYSSMA level one= #1 and #4)  ( NYSSMA level 2= #2,#3,and 6)

  1. "Hej, vara, vara, Eger vara!"
  2. ​"Hatanvannak a mi ludaink..."
  3. "A varadi kapitany"
  4. "Kiskomarom, Nagykomarom"
  5. "Kender buga, mag van benne"
  6. "Haja, haja, menneyi lecske"