Mahwah Summer Music Festival​​

Concert Appearances: 

Smith College
Detroit's Central Methodist Church
Voices of 9-11 Gala Events
Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center
Steinway Hall

Scarsdale Baptist Church

Jewish Home, Bronx NY

Roerich Museum

Mt. Sinai Temple, Mt. Vernon, NY

Hudson Pointe , Riverdale, NY

Student Concerts:

GWYOA Winter Concert: Dec 11, 2016   
Student Recital: Dec. 18th, 2PM , 2016   
GWYOA Spring Gala: April 23, 2PM, 2017   
Student Recital: June 18, 2PM  2017   

Fort Washington Collegiate Church

DC Church​​


Written in 1878 by Spaniard Pablo de Sarasate and first popularized in Germany, Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs), op 20 is based on themes of the Roma people. 

My transcription for 'cello is accompanied by an original technical analysis (released for both ‘cello and violin):   practical instructions to enable effortless execution/performance of this passionate, virtuosic music.

'Zigeunerweisen' Transcribed for 'cello by Radulovich

  1. Full score​
  2. Cello part
  3. Technical Studies (cello)​
  4. Technical Studies (violin)

"Flight of the Bumblebee" Transcribed by Cullan Bryant Edited by Radulovich

  1. Full score​
  2. Cello part

Tchaikovsky '6 French Songs'.  ovation

Francoeur "Sonata #4".

Flushing Library​​

Upcoming Performances

                       Trio de nada

Flushing Library: Jan. 11th, 6:30PM

Mahwah Library: June 11th,2PM   2017
The Roerich Museum: Dec. 3rd,    2017​

The Esplanade